The Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno

Catholic School Physically Closed For Remainder Of Year – Distance Learning Continues

April 3, 2020
Diocese of Fresno – Office of Catholic Schools
Mona Faulkner, Superintendent

The decision has been made that all Catholic school sites in the Diocese of Fresno will remain closed for the remainder of the current school year. Distant learning will continue in all 21 schools until the last instructional day in May.

We realize that our seniors and 8th graders are deeply disappointed that the traditional graduation ceremonies and privileges will not be occurring this spring. However, each school is eager to plan a celebration, hopefully in early summer, that will honor the accomplishments of these talented graduates.

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COVID-19 Directivas Obligatorias Extendidas – 3/25

Esta actualización se envía para especificar lo que se seguirá en la Diócesis de Fresno durante la Semana Santa y la Pascua de este año. Considere estas Directivas como una continuación del MANDATO publicado y enviado a usted el 18 de marzo de 2020. Por favor, siga estrictamente estas Directivas sin desviarse de NINGUNA de ellas. Cuento con su fiel obediencia para que usted y todo el pueblo confiado a su cuidado pastoral permanezcan seguros y saludables hasta que esta pandemia mortal haya disminuido. Me doy cuenta de que estas Directivas exigen desviaciones inimaginables de las observancias «normales» de la Semana Santa, pero estas medidas son necesarias y han sido aprobadas y ordenadas por la más alta Autoridad eclesiástica. more

COVID-19 Updated Mandated Directives – 3/25

This up-date is being sent to specify what is to be followed in the Diocese of Fresno during Holy Week and Easter this year. Consider these Directives as a continuation of the MANDATE published and sent to you on March 18, 2020. Please strictly follow these Directives without making ANY deviation from them. I am counting on your faithful obedience so that you and all the people entrusted to your pastoral care may remain safe and healthy until this deadly pandemic has subsided. I realize these Directives call for previously un-imaginable departures from the “normal” Holy Week observances, but these measures are necessary and have been approved and mandated by the highest ecclesiastical Authority. more

Bishop’s Message – COVID19 – 3/25/2020

We were all hoping that the restriction on the celebration of public Masses would end by Monday morning of next week, that is, on March the 30th. That is no longer the case. Please advise your parishioners, ministers and employees that the suspension of public Mass and all activities at our parishes will continue INDEFINITELY. Clearly this will directly impact our Holy Week celebrations, RCIA programs and, again, many other activities. more

Mensaje del Obispo – COVID-19 Directivas Obligatorias Extendidas 25 de marzo de 2020

Mis queridos hermanos y hermanas en Cristo, Me resulta muy difícil creer que sólo han pasado unos diez días desde que envié a todos nuestros sitios ciertas pautas y directrices sobre la celebración del Santo Sacrificio de la Misa y otras reuniones en nuestras parroquias y otros lugares. El paisaje ha cambiado dramáticamente desde entonces. […] more

A Pastoral Message From the Most Reverend Joseph V. Brennan, D.D. (3/18/20)

My Brothers and Sisters, The early Church was, by definition and of necessity, a truly ‘domestic’ Church, though certainly not in the sense of being docile and tame; far from it. No, it was domestic in terms of being based in the homes and the hearts of the Christians of the first three centuries or […] more

Covid-19 Protective Measures As Of 3/18/20

Roman Catholic Diocese Of Fresno Covid-19 Protective Measures Update As Of March 18, 2020 Approved by: Most Reverend Joseph V. Brennan, D.D. 1. Catholic Schools The closure of all Catholic schools, including all preschools, has been extended for an indeterminate amount of time. Distance learning will continue Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 […] more