The Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno



Most Reverend Armando X. Ochoa, Bishop of the Diocese of Fresno

“Cuando uno grita, el Señor lo escucha” (Salmo 34)

En los últimos días, el “clamor” de los niños atrapados entre la política del gobierno y la decencia humana fundamental ha sido ensordecedor y desgarrador para la gran mayoría de los estadounidenses y para la gente de todo el mundo. La forzosa separación de los niños de sus padres es censurable e in moral desde su propio fundamento y merece una condena fuerte por todos los medios posibles, y de todos los segmentos de nuestra sociedad. La Iglesia Católica se une a esta condena basada en nuestra enseñanza consistente y práctica antigua sobre el valor de toda la vida humana, y la protección de los más vulnerables entre nosotros. […]

“The Lord hears the cry of the poor” (Psalm 34)

In recent days, the “cry” of the children caught in the vice between government policy and fundamental human decency has been deafening and heartbreaking for the vast majority of Americans and for people all over the world. The forcible separation of children from their parents is reprehensible and immoral from its very foundation and deserves the strongest condemnation by every means possible and from every segment of our society. The Catholic Church joins in this condemnation based on our consistent and long-standing teaching and practice on the value of all human life and the protection of the most vulnerable among us. […]


Hope and Healing

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the California Catholic Conference of Bishops used the opportunity to release an extended pastoral letter on the culture of mental health and the critical need to attend to those who suffer.   In the document “Hope and Healing: A Pastoral Letter from the Bishops of California on Caring […]

Regional V Encuentro in Visalia

Delegations from the 15 dioceses belonging to Region XI (Dioceses of California, Nevada and Hawaii) meet on April 27, 28 and 29, 2018 to actively respond accompanying the most excluded in our society. This is a process that has been cultivated in recent years across the United States through reflections that begin at the parish […]

Mensaje De Pascua | Easter Message

Dear Friends in Christ, The Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday begins the Easter Triduum of the Lord’s passion and death (Good Friday), burial (Holy Saturday), and resurrection (Easter Sunday). These days are unique in the Church’s calendar year and are of great importance in the spiritual and pastoral life of the […]