Ash Wednesday

Many parishes and missions post pastoral and spiritual information to their web pages and social media. These are ways we can keep connected to our own local faith communities, even though liturgies and other activities are cancelled.

CityParishWebsite linkFacebook LinkYouTube LinkOnline Liturgies
Alpaugh Sacred Heart Mission, Alpaugh
Arvin St. Thomas the Apostle, Arvin
Atwater St. Anthony, Atwaterwebsiteyoutube


Auberry-Tollhouse Infant Jesus of Prague Mission, Auberry-Tollhousewebsite
Avenal St. Joseph, Avenalwebsite
Bakersfield St. Jude Mission, Bakersfieldwebsite
Bakersfield Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Bakersfieldwebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass|Misa Domincal: 9am (Español) 10am (English)  Live  StreamSpot

Bakersfield Sacred Heart, Bakersfieldwebsitefacebook
Bakersfield St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, Bakersfieldwebsitefacebookyoutube

Sunday Mass:
9:30am (English)
Parish YouTube channel

Bakersfield St. Francis of Assisi, Bakersfieldwebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass
10:00am (English)

Bakersfield St. Joseph, Bakersfieldwebsitefacebookyoutube

Sunday Mass|Misa Domenical:
9:15am Rosary  (English)
10:00am Mass  (English)
11:30am Rosario (Español)
12:30pm Misa (Español)

 Live  recorded on YouTube

Bakersfield St. Philip the Apostle, Bakersfieldwebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass|Misa Domenical
9:30am (Español)
11:00am (English)

Bakersfield San Clemente Mission Parish, Bakersfieldwebsitefacebook

Daily (including Sunday) Mass 6pm (english) Live

Bakersfield Christ the King, Bakersfieldwebsitefacebook
Bakersfield Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Co-Patroness of the Unborn, Bakersfieldwebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass
9:15 am (Bilingual|Bilingue)


Bakersfield Holy Spirit Mission, Bakersfieldwebsite
Bass Lake St. Dominic Savio Mission & Retreat Center, Bass Lake
Big Pine St. Stephen Mission, Big Pinewebsite
Bishop Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Bishopwebsitefacebook
Boron St. Joseph Mission, Boronwebsite
Buhach Immaculate Conception Mission, Buhach
Buttonwillow St. Mary, Buttonwillow
California City Our Lady of Lourdes, California Citywebsite
Caruthers Our Lady of the Assumption Mission, Caruthers
Chowchilla St. Columba, Chowchilla
Clovis Divine Mercy, Cloviswebsitefacebook
Clovis Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Cloviswebsitefacebook

Saturday Vigil Mass
5:30 pm

Mass recording available on

Coalinga St. Paul the Apostle, Coalinga
Corcoran Our Lady of Lourdes, Corcoranfacebook

Sunday Mass|Misa Domenical
5:00pm Saturday (English)
10:00am (Español)

Daily Mass|Misa diaria
10:am Monday, Wednesday (English)|Martes,Jueves (Español)


Cutler St. Mary, Cutlerfacebook
Delano Our Lady of Guadalupe, Delanofacebookyoutube

Sunday Mass|Misa Domenical
10 am (Español)
12 pm (English)
8am Mass
 Live |

Delano St. Mary of the Miraculous Medal, Delanofacebook

Sunday Mass|Misa Domenical
5:30pm Saturday (English)
11:00am (Español)


Delhi St. Teresa of Calcutta Mission, Delhi
Dinuba St. Catherine of Siena, Dinuba
Dos Palos Sacred Heart, Dos Palosfacebook

10:00am Mass (English)
12:00pm Misa (Español)


Earlimart St. Jude Thaddeus, Earlimartfacebook

Misa Domenical
11:00am Misa (Español)

Misa Diaria
6:00pm Misa (Español)

Easton The Catholic Community of St. Jude Parish (Easton) and Our Lady of the Assumption Mission (Caruthers)websitefacebook

Sunday Mass|Misa Domenical
9:30am (English)
11:00am (Español)


El Nido St. George Mission, El Nido
Exeter Sacred Heart, Exeterfacebook


Farmersville St. Anthony of Egypt Mission, Farmersville
Firebaugh St. Joseph, Firebaughfacebookyoutube
Five Points Holy Family Mission, Five Points
Fowler St. Lucy, Fowlerwebsitefacebook
Frazier Park Our Lady of the Snows Mission, Frazier Parkwebsite
Fresno St. John’s Cathedral, Fresnowebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass|Misa Domenical
7:30am (Español)
9:00am (English)


Fresno Holy Spirit, Fresnowebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass: 10am (English)
Daily Mass: 9am (English)
Martes, Jueves Misa: 8am (Español)
all at KNXT 49|38 and Holy Spirit Church webpage

Fresno Our Lady of La Vang, Fresno
Fresno Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Fresnowebsitefacebook

Misa Doiminical
10am (Español)


Fresno Our Lady of Victory, Fresnowebsitefacebook

10:00am Mass (English)
12:00pm Misa (Español)


Fresno Sacred Heart, Fresnowebsitefacebook
Fresno St. Alphonsus, Fresno
Fresno St. Anthony Claret, Fresnowebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass|Misa Domincal: 9am (English) 12pm (Español)

Daily Mass|Misa diaria: 10am (English) 6pm (Español)  Live 

Fresno Christ the King Mission, Malaga
Fresno St. Anthony of Padua, Fresnowebsitefacebook

Pentecost Sunday Mass
12pm English
1pm Español

Facebook Live and on parish website

Fresno St. Genevieve, Fresno
Fresno St. Helen, Fresno
Fresno St. Mary Queen of Apostles, Fresnowebsitefacebook
Fresno St. Paul Catholic Newman Center, Fresnowebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass
Daily Mass

Fresno The Shrine of St. Thérèse, Fresnowebsitefacebook
Gustine Shrine of Our Lady of Miracles, Gustine
Hanford Immaculate Heart of Mary, Hanfordwebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass: 8:30 AM (English) 9:30 AM (Español)  Live 

Hanford St. Brigid, Hanfordwebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass: 10am  Live 

Hilmar Holy Rosary, Hilmarwebsiteyoutube

Sunday Mass|Missa dominical
10am (English)
11:30 am (Portuguese)
available livestreamed on Parish YouTube channel

Hornitos St. Catherine of Siena Mission, Hornitos
Huron St. Frances Cabrini, Huron
Independence St. Vivian Mission, Independence
Ivanhoe San Felipe de Jesús Mission, Ivanhoe
Kerman St. Patrick, Kermanwebsitefacebook
Kettleman City St. Cecilia Mission, Kettleman Citywebsite
Kingsburg Holy Family, Kingsburgwebsitefacebookyoutube
Lamont St. Augustine, Lamontfacebook

Sunday Mass: 8:00 AM (English) 9:00 AM (Español)  Live 

Laton Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, Latonfacebook
Le Grand Our Lady of Lourdes Mission, Le Grand
Lemoore St. Peter Prince of Apostles, Lemoorewebsitefacebook

Mass Sunday|Misa Domincal
10am (Bilingual|Bilingue)

Lemoore St. Rose of Lima Mission, Santa Rosa Rancheriawebsite
Lindsay Sacred Heart, Lindsay
Livingston St. Jude Thaddeus, Livingston
London Santa Cruz Mission, London
Lone Pine Santa Rosa, Lone Pine
Los Banos St. Joseph, Los Banoswebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass: 11:00 AM (English) 1:00 PM (Español)  Live 

Lost Hills Nuestra Señora de la Paz (Our Lady of Peace) Mission, Lost Hills
Madera St. Joachim, Maderawebsitefacebookyoutube

Sunday Mass|Misa Dominical: 9am (English) 10:30am (Español)    Live 

Daily Mass|Misa diaria: Monday-Friday 7am • Saturday 7:30am (English)|Lunes-Viernes 8am • Sábado 8:30am  (Español)

Mariposa St. Joseph, Mariposafacebook
McFarland St. Elizabeth [of Hungary], McFarland
Mendota Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mendotafacebookyoutube
Merced St. Patrick, Mercedwebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass|Misa Domenical
9:00am (English/Basque)
10:30am (Español)
12:00pm (English)

Merced Sacred Heart, Mercedfacebook

Misa Dominical|Sunday Mass:
9am (Bilingual|Bilingue)

Mojave St. Francis of Assisi Mission, Mojavewebsite
North Fork St. Joseph the Worker Mission, North Forkwebsite
Oakhurst Our Lady of the Sierra, Oakhurstwebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass

Orange Cove St. Isidore the Farmer, Orange Covewebsitefacebook
Parlier Our Lady of Sorrows, Parlier
Pinedale St. Agnes Mission, Pinedale
Planada Sacred Heart, Planada
Porterville St. Anne Parish, Portervillewebsitefacebookyoutube

Sunday Mass|Misa Dominical: 10:00 AM (English) 12:30 PM (Español)  Live  (facebook link) YouTube (YouTube link)

Porterville Holy Cross Church, Portervillewebsite
Randsburg Santa Barbara Mission, Randsburgwebsite
Raymond-Knowles St. Anne Chapel Mission, Raymond-Knowleswebsite
Reedley St. Anthony of Padua, Reedleywebsitefacebook

6:00pm Mass (English)
6:45pm Misa (Español)
11:00am Mass {English)
11:45am Misa (Español)

Richgrove St. Vincent de Paul Mission, Richgrove
Ridgecrest St. Ann, Ridgecrestwebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass|Misa Dominical
8:00am (English)
10:00am (Español)
Daily Mass
8:00am (English)

Ripperdan St. Agnes Chapel Mission, Ripperdanwebsite
Riverdale St. Ann, Riverdalefacebook

Mass 10:00am

Rosamond St. Mary of the Desert, Rosamondwebsite
San Joaquin St. Vincent de Paul Mission, San Joaquinwebsite
Sanger St. Mary, Sangerwebsitefacebook

6:00pm Misa (Español)
11:00am Mass (English)


Sanger St. Katherine, Del Reywebsite
Selma St. Joseph, Selmafacebook
Shafter St. Therese of Lisieux, Shafterfacebook

Daily Mass: 6:00 PM

Sunday Mass: 10:00 AM (Español)  Live 

Shoshone-Tecopa St. John the Baptist Mission, Shoshone
Springville St. Maximillian Kolbe Mission, Springvillewebsite
Squaw Valley St. Rita Mission, Squaw Valley
Stevinson St. Mary Mission, Stevinsonwebsite
Stratford St. Joseph Mission, Stratfordwebsite
Strathmore St. James Mission, Strathmore
Taft St. Mary, Taftwebsitefacebook

Sunday Mass|Misa Dominical
11:00am (Bilingual|Bilingüe)

Tecopa St. Thérèse Mission, Tecopawebsitefacebook
Tehachapi St. Malachy, Tehachapiwebsitefacebook
Terra Bella Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro Mission, Terra Bellawebsite
Three Rivers St. Clair Mission, Three Rivers
Three Rocks Our Lady of Lourdes Mission, Three Rocks
Tipton St. John the Evangelist, Tipton
Tonyville St. Anthony Mission, Tonyville
Tranquillity St. Paul, Tranquillitywebsite
Traver St. John the Baptist Mission, Traver
Tulare St. Aloysius, Tularefacebook
Tulare St. Rita, Tularewebsitefacebookyoutube

Sunday Mass | Misa Dominical:
6:00am (Bilingual|Bilingue)
9:30am (English)
1:00pm (Español)
Daily Mass|Misa diaria
5:00pm (Bilingual)

Tule River Indian Reservation Mater Dolorosa Mission Co-Patroness St. Kateri Tekakwitha, Tule Indian Reservation
Visalia Good Shepherd Catholic Parish, Visaliawebsitefacebookyoutube

Sunday Mass | Misa Dominical: 9am (English), 10am (Español)  Live 

Wasco St. John the Evangelist, Wascofacebook

Daily Mass|Misa diaria
8am (Bilingual|Bilingue)
Sunday Mass | Misa Dominical:
10am (English) 12pm (Español)

Wofford Heights St. Jude, Wofford Heightswebsite
Woodlake St. Frances Cabrini, Woodlake
Woodville St. Francis of Assisi Mission, Woodville
Yosemite Our Lady of the Snows Yosemite Valley Chapel, Yosemite National Parkwebsite