Christmas Movies for the New Year!

Anyone who knows me knows that I rarely do “Christmasy” things before the actual week of Christmas. I love experiencing a true Advent, and try to stay away from Christmas music, Christmas movies, and the commercialism of the holiday as long as I can.

This year, some circumstances brought me to the point of enjoying a few good movies before and on Christmas Day, and I would like to share them.  With the Christmas season not officially ending for another week or so, there is still time to catch the spirit of the holidays…and carry them year round!

In the theaters:  “Last Christmas”.  I found myself with a day off work on Veterans’ Day, and going against my own Advent rule, went to the theater and saw “Last Christmas.  I did so, mainly because I enjoy Emilia Clarke and felt in need of her upbeat, free spirit personality.  I found myself wrapped up in this story of a woman who has lost her love of the holidays…and for anything, really, due to health circumstances.  She meets a man who opens her eyes to the joy of the season, and finding personally joy again.  It is a great rom-com, with laughter and tears.  I don’t know if it is still in theaters, but if not, it should be out on DVD soon.

On Netflix:  “Holiday in the Wild”:  A movie I didn’t expect to watch, but one late night I decided to give it a go.  Starring Rob Lowe and Kristin Davis, this movie is beautifully set in Africa, where Kristin’s character, Kate, has gone on a second honeymoon…alone, because right after booking it, her husband decided to leave her.  She ends up with Rob Lowe as a reluctant guide, who due to a twist of fate takes her to an elephant reserve, where she first falls in love with the majestic creatures and ends up staying on through the holidays.   Of course, she then falls in love with Rob Lowe’s character as well!  A beautifully set, surprisingly enjoyable movie!

On Netflix:  “Klaus:   My nieces wanted me to see this movie with them on Christmas morning.  I agreed, and am glad I did.  A great family movie, Klaus “an alternate origin story of Santa Claus” (Wikapedia), involving a postman with no ambition, no real call in life.  He discovers the joy of helping others find joy..including Klaus himself.  No matter what your age (my nieces are 16 and 20!), a fun, inspiring story!

On Disney+:  “Noelle”:  Another movie I wanted to see because of the actors involved, I found this movie to be so fun I plan to watch it again!   Anna Kendrick plays the daughter of Santa Claus,and she is the embodiment of Christmas.  Her brother, who is set to be the next Santa, runs away, and she has to fly out with the reindeer and her nanny, played by Shirley McLaine, to find him and convince him that he has to take on the legacy of their recently deceased father.  She meets people who help her on her quest, and she in turn she shares with them her Christmas spirit.

All these movies have one thing in common…the joy of the holiday and people who rediscover the meaning of friendship, family, and love.  A theme for any time of the year!

Enjoy your Christmas Season, and I will be back in the new year with some more recommendations of movies, books, and music!