Current Positions Available

Bookkeeper – Holy Spirit Church

  • Holy Spirit Church, 355 E. Champlain Dr., Fresno, CA 93730
  • Status: Full-Time, Non-Exempt
  • Hourly Wage: $16 to $18 Per Hour
  • Benefits: Yes


Maintains accurate record keeping of parish finances. Prepares monthly diocesan reports, monitors the collection counting and recording. Provides bookkeeping and accounting support to parish organizations and departments and provides support to all areas of the parish office when needed. Participates in parish activities and programs as directed by the Pastor and Parish Business Manager. Understands and applies Catholic social teaching to parish policy development and implementation.

Key Job Duties and Responsibilities.

Other duties may be assigned.

  1. Maintain an accurate filing, record keeping, and reporting system for all parish financial programs.
  2. Prepare monthly and year end financial reports for parish and Diocesan reporting requirements.
    1. Reports are timely.
    2. Back-up information is documented.
    3. Accounts are reconciled.
    4. Monthly departmental expenses vs. budget report prepared.
  3. Parish Budget
    1. Coordinate collaboration of budget formation with Pastor, Finance Committee, and other parish organizations and departments.
    2. Compose the budget worksheet for each organization and department.
    3. Receive organizations and departments estimated monthly expenditures.
    4. Enter proposed organizational budgets as parish budget into the parish accounting program upon approval by the Finance Committee.
    5. Assist Finance Committee in presenting the budget to Parish Council.
  4. Maintain and oversee revenue accounting.
    1. Collections
      1. Oversee all journal entries.
      2. Oversee the preparation of year-end statements for parishioners.
    2. All other revenue.
      1. Account for all other revenue sources by separate entry.
      2. Review posting.
  5. Maintain and oversight of accounts payable.
    1. Receive bills.
    2. Issue payment upon direction from each program and department director.
    3. Manage all assessments, utilities, and supplies billings.
    4. Issue payment from proper checking account or access the appropriate savings account or fund.
    5. Reconcile each account.
  6. Reporting responsibilities.
    1. Prepare end of year statements accessing information in Parish accounting program.
    2. Prepare fiscal reports for the Finance Committee.
  7. Payroll
    1. Make appropriate entries to Parish accounting program.
    2. Tax totals reported by diocesan payroll.
    3. Enter salary changes, add/delete employees.
  8. Parish Finance Committee Secretary
    1. Attend all meetings.
    2. Prepare Type and send committee correspondence.
    3. Compose and send mailings.
  9. Supervise Finance Department Employee (s)
    1. Provide direction to daily activities.
    2. Annual evaluation of Finance Department Employee(s).

Key Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Bookkeeping, computerized accounting, preferably within Church related computer programs, accounting, databases, and spreadsheet experience. Church supervisory experience preferred.
  • Keen attention to detail and ability to keep records and files organized.
  • Strong time manager with respect for deadlines.
  • Ability to identify errors and solve problems.
  • Decisive and critical thinker.


  • Education: AA degree in Finance, Accounting, or Business Administration.
  • Experience: Three years of full time experience with bookkeeping, accounting payables/receivable, calculating, posting, and managing accounting figures and financial records.
  • Experience in data entry, MS Office, MS Excel, and Quickbooks.


  • Completed Diocesan Application
  • Letter of Interest
  • Current Resume


Submit required application materials by mail or in person by 12:00 Noon, Friday, April 20, 2018

Linda Fierro, Business Manager,
Holy Spirit Church, 355 E. Champlain Dr., Fresno, CA 93730

or by email to: [email protected]

Submit required application materials by e-mail, U. S. Postal Service, or in person by 12:00 PM, Friday, March 23 2018, to:

Bradley J. Whisenhunt, Human Resources Analyst
Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno
1550 N. Fresno St.
Fresno, CA 93703-3788
[email protected]