Health Ministry

Inspiring Hope and Healing: A Journey Toward Wholeness through the Ministry of Health

  • Spiritual Director and Mentor: Msgr Raymond Dreiling VG – (right)
  • Coordinator of Health Ministry: Roxanna Stevens, RN – (center)
  • Co-coordinator: Pilar De La Cruz Samoulian MSN, RN – (left)

Health Ministry:

  • Encourages and invites all lay faithful and nurses who are called to be ministers of health to become actively engaged in health and wellness in communities of diverse culture within the Diocese of Fresno.
  • Provides ongoing education and promotion of health ministry by supporting personal faith development, programming ideas, making the health-faith connection through ministry and promoting effective leadership skills.
  • Supports and empowers faith community nurses in their ministry development and structure through standardized qualifications, procedures and documentation as defined by the Diocese of Fresno, Health Ministries Association and both the faith Community Nurse and ANA scope and standards of practice.

Health Ministry – Vision

Health Ministry encourages whole person health and healing in our faith communities by living out and reclaiming the Gospel teachings of Jesus’ healing mission through compassionate integration of faith and health in the context of our Catholic faith.

Health Ministry – Mission

Health ministry aspires to support and empower health ministries and faith community nurses of the Diocese of Fresno to create healthier communities by sharing the Gospel message through the health-faith connection.

Faith Community Nurses

Faith Community Nurse BAsic Course Facility

  • Chair: Msgr Raymond Dreiling VG
  • Lead Faculty: Penelope Applegarth MS, NP, RN
  • Support Faculty: Roxanna Stevens, RN
Msgr Dreiling V.G. [email protected]   559-488-7400 Diocese of Fresno

Fresno Metropolitan Vicariate

JoAnn LoForti (bio) [email protected]  559-977-3496 St Paul Newman Center
Carlos Flores [email protected]  559-301-2813 Divine Mercy Clovis
Sally Flores [email protected] 559-281-0778
Nancy Lowe [email protected] 559-917-1213 Our Lady of Perpetual Help/Clovis
Anastacio Cruzat [email protected]   559-614-1581
Maricor Cruzat 559-352-4663
Roxanna Stevens [email protected] 559-593-9757
Vanessa Withee [email protected] 559-776-1927 St Anthony Padua/Fresno
Sylvia Miller [email protected] 559-285-5498
Dr. Janae Barker [email protected]  559-353-7091

Fresno Rural Vicariate

 Pilar De La Cruz Samoulian [email protected]  559-260-4892  Divine Mercy/Clovis

Madera Vicariate

Rae Ann Asanuma [email protected]  559-706-5205 Holy Spirit/Fresno

Merced Vicariate

Vicky Pebsworth [email protected]  703-946-1619 St Patrick’s/Merced

Tulare Vicariate

Emma Camarena [email protected]  559-731-1605 Good Shepherd/Visalia

Bakersfield Metropolitan Vicariate

Lynne Eid [email protected] 661-834-7483 St Philip/Bakersfield


Co-Coordinator  Roxanna Stevens , FCN, RN, Master Catechist

Co-Coordinator  Pilar De La Cruz Samoulian , FCN, RN