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OCE COVID 19 School Guidance Checklist OCE COVID 19 School Guidance Checklist

OCE School Safety Plan January 2021


Requirement for Universal Masking Indoors at K-12 Schools

​On July 12, 2021, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) updated its guidance for K-12 schools, which continued the universal mask requirement first instituted in January 2021. Schools throughout the state have implemented the requirement, which was subsequently adopted and endorsed by leading health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) […] more

California Catholic Conference – Vaccination Flyers English/Spanish/Vietnamese

CCC-MCAE-Vaccine-Handout-English CCC-MCAE-Vaccine-Handout-Spanish CCC-MCAE-Vaccine-Handout-Vietnamese more


Serving the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Fresno

1550 N. Fresno St. • Fresno CA 93703
Phone (559) 488-7420 • Fax: (559) 488-7422
Hours: 8:00 – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday

Mission Statement: Why We Exist!

In the Diocese of Fresno, the primary mission of CATHOLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION is to be an effective instrument of the Catholic Church in its ministry of teaching the Gospel message and assisting children to grow into fullness of life in Jesus.  This mission supports parents in their role as the primary educators of their children.  This mission is accomplished at each school through the efforts of the school’s pastor, parishioners, staff, parents, and students who form a faith community.  This faith community is the vehicle for developing in students the responsibility for founding and promoting a society rooted in justice, love, and peace.

Motto Statement: Our Goal!

The primary goal of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Fresno is to assist students to grow into fullness of life in Jesus, to embrace their baptismal call to ministry, and to continue the mission of Jesus in their lives.  Therefore, the diocesan motto for the Catholic schools of the Diocese of Fresno is,

“Fulfilling the Mission of Jesus Christ.”

This motto stresses that graduates from our schools should realize Jesus’ unconditional love in their lives and freely embrace His mission, ministry, and values.  Their lives should be founded upon six central Christian virtues:

  1. Faith:  The graduate is a person whose faith in God is living, conscious, and active.
  2. Courage:  The graduate is a person who willingly acts on his/her Christian convictions no matter the cost, the pain, or the sacrifices it entails.
  3. Respect:  The graduate is a person who respects and honors God, self, and others.
  4. Integrity:  The graduate is a person who consistently stands for and lives his/her moral principles.
  5. Responsibility:  The graduate is a person with the capacity to make free and responsible decisions and the ability to accept both personal and social responsibility for his/her actions.
  6. Compassion:  The graduate is a person who feels the pain of those suffering and who works toward making a better life for all those in need.

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