Presenter Information

Those who wish to participate as a presenter for our Congress are asked to submit the following information:

  1. Fill out a Speaker Proposal, with your workshop topic.  You can find the form here:
  2. If possible, include a résumé or curriculum vitae (CV) if this is your first time submitting a workshop proposal.

Selection of speakers and workshops involves a discernment process, assessing the qualifications and formation of the speaker, as well as the topic.  Often topics are submitted that are better suited to another type of event, or that do not fit the theme or focus of the Congress.

For Diocesan Congress 2018, the theme is Moved by Grace.  We are seeking workshops on all areas of ministry, especially expressing how as missionary disciples, we allow the Holy Spirit to continually move us forward in our ministry and in our relationship to God and to God’s People.

Minimum requirements for speakers are:

  • Completion of a formal and approved formation process, such as Master Catechist, Lay Formation Institute, or a Master’s Degree in Theology or related area.
  • Written approval from pastor/administrator if within the Diocese of Fresno; from (Arch)Bishop’s Office or Superior if outside the Diocese of Fresno.  Full-time staff of a diocesan office are exempt from this requirement.
  • Submission of a résumé or CV that reflects professional level formation and/or published writings.
  • Those who are sponsored by an approved publishing company may be exempt from the above, as the company enlists its own vetting process.