Detention Ministry

  • Coordinates the overall detention ministry program for the Diocese and is the primary contact, resource, and supervisor of this ministry.
  • Convenes the Catholic Detention Ministers for enrichment, networking, and training centered in the common mission and ministry of direct service, education, and advocacy.
  • Facilitates training for volunteers.
  • Visits chaplains, volunteers, and Community Resource
    Managers in detention facilities.
  • Interviews and recommends candidates for potential chaplains.

The Diocese of Fresno’s Detention Ministry Program extends to incarcerated men, women, and youth in detention facilities throughout the Central San Joaquin Valley, foothills of the Sierra Nevada, and a portion of the Mojave Desert.

This area is sometime referred to as “the Prison Capital of the World” because of the some 50 state, federal, and private prisons, county jails, juvenile halls, and boot and work camps in this eight county area.

Detention Ministry and Restorative Justice Resources

Diocesan Restorative Justice/Detention Ministry Offices


Other Restorative Justice Resources

Note: Many of these groups are not Catholic, but have useful information on restorative justice in general.