Capital Campaign

Our Faith, Our Family, Our Future Capital Campaign

It is with great pride that Bishop Armando X. Ochoa proclaims that because of the generosity of you, our parishioners/donors, the Our Faith, Our Family, Our Future Capital Campaign continues to be an unqualified success.  Recall that the campaign, begun in late 2004 with six “pilot” parishes, had an ambitious overall goal of $28 million dollars for the 87 parishes of the diocese.  As indicated by the chart, the $28 million goal was divided equally into four categories of identified need of $7 million each.


$28,000,000 MINIMUM NEED

Ministries & Evangelization Includes:

  • Catholic Charities Fund
  • Bishop’s Annual Appeal (2006/2007)
  • Priests’ Retirement Fund
  • Parish Assistance Fund
  • Communicating the Good News (KNXT/TV Channel 49/38)
Parish Share Includes:

  • Funds Returned Directly to Parish based on “redemption rates” noted below
  • Each parish determines how to use its portion of the campaign funds
Catholic Education Includes:

  • San Joaquin Memorial High School
  • Garces Memorial High School
  • Catholic School Tuition Assistance Endowment
  • Religious Education Endowment
St. Anthony Retreat Center Includes:

  • Purchase of Property and Renovation
  • Endowment for Maintenance and Programs
  • Santa Teresita Youth Conference Center Construction

As of April 1, 2012 the total monies contributed to the campaign stands at $39,320,000!  When considering the condition of the national, state and local economy during the past several years, this accomplishment is truly outstanding.  The nearly 21,000 donors to the capital campaign are to be commended for resisting the negativity that comes with our current economic situation and for your understanding of the ever-present need to fulfill the mission of our church.