Office of Stewardship

What is the Role of the Office of Stewardship?

The Development Office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno is responsible for overseeing all diocesan-wide fundraising campaigns and related activities, donor and grant records, and resource and stewardship development.  The two major stewardship campaigns the office is charged with administering are the on-going Our Faith, Our Family, Our Future (OFOFOF) Capital Campaign

Many of the nearly 21,000 parishioner/donors who have pledged to the OFOFOF Campaign are very familiar with how the Development Office cares for you, our donors.  The office staff (Development Director, Debbie James, Belinda Ray) understand the importance of this caretaker role.  We are not only charged with processing your generous donations in their many forms (credit, debit, check, EFT) but, most importantly, we must also protect and secure your private and personal donor information.

Since the inception of the Capital Campaign in late 2004 and early 2005, the office has handled more than 315,000 pledge gifts from the 87 parishes involved in the campaign.  In addition, Debbie James, and Belinda Ray must also coordinate delivery of over 3,400 pledge reminders per month to all our donors as well as prepare and mail “thank you letters” and “IRS tax letters” each month.

While the OFOFOF Capital Campaign continues, the Development Office must each year assist the bishop and parish priests with the Bishop’s Annual Appeal (BAA).  The office prepares all the promotional materials, pledge mailers and gift cards, and an “instructional manual” for our pastors/administrators which explains the key dates and tasks to implement the BAA.  The same care and attention that we give our donors to the Capital Campaign is also afforded to our parishioner/donors to the BAA.

We are frequently called upon by our parish priests for assistance with both of these campaigns.  The office also prepares detailed monthly status reports for every parish pastor/administrator.  The staff must also account for every dollar that we receive and must complete a monthly close-out process with the Diocese Accounting Office to insure accuracy in accounting.
Be assured that your Development Office is up to the task of maintaining an accurate and secure donor database for both of the diocesan stewardship campaigns and that all donor  these campaigns are being administered by the diocesan staff in a manner that results in an exemplary “return on investment” that our parishioners/donors should expect.

Administrative Assistant  Debbie James

Customer Service Representative  Debbie James