Anniversary Mass at Manzanar Camp

May 18, 2017

During World War II, Japanese Americans around the country were forced to relocate to relocation camps for the duration of the war. Entire families were uprooted, businesses and homes lost, and lives were thoroughly disrupted. On top of this, they lived in barracks-type buildings and took their meals in mess halls. It was pretty much run like a prison camp. There is a famous relocation camp called Manzanar in the High Desert of the Eastern Sierra just north of Lone Pine, which housed the Japanese from the southern California region. Thousands were relocated there. Among them were several hundred Catholics. These Catholics were able to receive the sacraments by means of a religious priest who made the trek to this center each Sunday. They had their own small chapel. There are still a few individuals alive today, now in their 80s and 90s, who were part of that community.