Diocese of Fresno Compliant with Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People

October 5, 2018

Based on the results of our recently performed on-site audit of the Diocese of Fresno, the Diocese has been found compliant with all audited Articles within the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People for the 2017/2018 audit period.

Letter from Stonebridge Business Partners (auditor) to Bishop Armando X. Ochoa

Every year, the Diocese of Fresno is responsible for providing an accounting of how well we follow the requirements which are outlined in the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. The audit entails months of gathering reports from all the parishes/missions and Catholic Schools throughout the Diocese on the number of clergy ministering within our boundaries as well as the number of employees who work for the diocese, and then lastly the number of volunteers who had unsupervised contact with minors. Each of these individuals must meet the requirements of fingerprint clearance, proof of receiving Safe Environment training regarding all forms of child abuse, internet safety, and bullying, and have a signed Code of Conduct on file. Our clergy and seminarians are all fingerprint cleared through federal and state agencies, have fulfilled the requirement to refresh their knowledge of child abuse and diocesan policies on what constitutes a safe environment for young people, and have committed to the Diocesan Code of Conduct.

A summary of the information gathered is as follows: 36,823 children received training and education to increase their personal safety skills, 1,361 diocesan employees and 8,698 adult volunteers received Safe Environment training on the topics of child abuse, bullying, and cyber safety. This knowledge will help them increase the safety and well being of a child or young person.

While the Diocesan Safe Environment Office provides guidance and assistance to the parishes and Catholic schools in maintaining safe environments, the continued success experienced by the diocese in this endeavor is mainly the result of the dedicated efforts of the numerous pastors, principals, educators, employees, and volunteers throughout the diocese. We sincerely appreciate your devoted commitment to keeping our children safe.

As always, the goal of the Safe Environment office at the Diocese of Fresno is to keep children safe and protected. The Diocese of Fresno is committed to ensuring that when your child is in our care in parish programs or in Catholic Education that their safety is of utmost importance and priority. To know more about what your parish and school is doing and how you can be part of creating and maintaining a safe environment, contact the Diocese of Fresno Office of Safe Environment at 559-493-2882 or visit us online at www.dioceseoffresno.org

Safe Environment Coordinator  Bianca Blanchette
  • (559) 493-2882
  • (559) 488-7497

Diocese of Fresno Victim Assistance Hotline


To report an incident of child abuse that occurred past or present within the Church by a member of the clergy, religious order, employee or volunteer, contact your City or County Law Enforcement agency where the alleged abuse occurred. Then, contact the Diocese of Fresno Victim Assistance Coordinator at the number listed above.